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Chris & Catera

Professional Dog Trainer, Chris Danker CPDT-KA KPA-CTP

Working with families to integrate their dogs to become well-behaved family companions while developing a positive trusting relationship with them is an on- going theme in Chris’ philosophy of dog training. Whether is it going for a short walk or an all day hike; snuggling up with your pet after a long day at work or taking your dog out for a good game of fetch; she believes the one-on-one relationship is always continuing to develop. What better way to enjoy your companion than when he or she can behave favorably.

Active in pet therapy with their dogs, Chris spends many hours each week visiting area hospitals and nursing homes, along with participating in educational programs at area elementary and middle schools. As a certified dog trainer Chris helps others to enjoy their dogs as she and her husband have their own dogs. Although showing dogs in competition is fun for Chris, she believes it is the daily enjoyment that dogs can bring to your life that is important.

A graduate of Pat Miller’s internships held at Peaceable Paws in Hagerstown Maryland, Chris continues to attend seminars and hands-on instructional courses to learn the latest techniques. Chris is a "Canine Good Citizenship" and "Therapy Dog International" evaluator.

Animals have always been a part of Chris’ life…whether it was the baby bird that fell out of a tree that needed tending to, or her father’s racing pigeons, or the family dogs, Chris always found herself spending hours with ‘her pets’ Chris began ‘officially’ training dogs at the age of 13. Showing the family German Shepherd, Sheba, in a junior handling competition, she placed 3rd, and her life has totally been immersed in dogs ever since. As a teenager, Chris showed Sheba to her CD title and Sheba’s son Duke to his CDX title, and her first Basenji to his Championship and his CD title.

Graduating from college with a BS in Chemistry, Chris went on to obtain her BSN RN from Columbia University in NYC. During this time she continued to show the family dogs. Following the 2 German Shepherds, a Basenji, then a Borzoi, and a few years later a Doberman joined the family. Today Borzoi and Basenjis still are a part of Chris’s life.

Traveling through out the country, Chris is active in conformation, obedience, agility and rally. She has handled not only her own dogs, but also dogs for others to over 70 titles in these venues. Most recently Chris piloted her 2nd dog to Best in Specialty Show at the Borzoi Club of America National Specialty. In 1998 Paul and Chris’ Ch. Sky Run Hemlock Hollow Rerun CD won this top honor, in April of 2007, their 10 year old Borzoi Ch. Sky Run Catera CDX RE AX AXJ AXP OJP NAC NGC NJC took the top award.


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