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Private Consultations: For those families who prefer to train in their own home, training programs for your specific needs are designed. Guidance in crate training, house training, play biting, self control, sit/down/stay. Behavior modification programs for aggression, barking and digging, fear of being left alone, and over-reaction when the doorbell rings. Management and guidelines to help your dog be successful in becoming a wonderful family companion. Contact us for a price estimate. Discounts for shelter/rescue dogs.

Group classes: Currently running the "Family Manners Level 1 group class. Dogs will learn how to sit politely for greeting, walk nicely on lead, respond to their name, down and stay. Class size is limited to 6 dogs/handlers. 6 one hour weekly sessions/$100. Family Manners Level 2 - continue to advance skills learned in Level 1 classes.  Classes fill up quickly, be sure to sign up in advance.

Reliable Recall. Does your dog "come when called"? Does he sometimes act like he never heard you call? Does he move away from you when called? Would he rather play with his toys or sniff the ground? In this 5-week class learn the steps to developing a reliable recall. Based on Leslie Nelson’s Really Reliable Recall, this class will focus solely on teaching you to teach your dog to come in distracting situations. Pre-requisite is Family Manners 1 or equivalent. If you are unsure about your dog’s readiness for this class, contact Chris at hemlock@nycap.rr.com

Canine Good Citizenship: This class will prepare you and your dog to take the CGC certification test which is offered for all dogs...mixed-bred or pure. The CGC program rewards responsible owners and dogs with good manners. Criteria for pet therapy testing is covered in this class.

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Workshops: Shorter term training on specific issues. Check the "Upcoming Events" link for workshop information.

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